IMW/UEL Honours Degree Programme : Start Sept 23rd 2024

Fast-Track Diploma Course - Fri 6th Sept.2024-Book Now!Hi-spec Degree Programme- Sept 23rd 2024- Book Now! FREE Taster Session - Fri. July 12th- Book Now!Hi-spec Degree Programme- Sept 23rd 2024 -Book Now!Fast-Track Diploma Course - Fri 6th Sept 2024-Book Now!FREE Taster Session -Fri. July 12th- Book Now!

IMW/UEL Honours Degree Programme
In Music Technology and Production
or Sound and Music for Games,
or Sound and Music for Media

FUTURE PROFESSIONALS £1000 BURSARY.                                                                                                                     

Unlock your potential as a music professional today with IMW’s amazing music industry program and qualify for the Future Professionals Bursary worth up to £1000! Complete your first and second years to receive £500 each year and soar into your Honours Degree year with confidence. (See Terms and Conditions for more details below)

Our Honours Degree programme, awarded by the University of East London, gives you the opportunity to really focus down on your career path in the Music Industry. You can bring the skills you have already acquired to a higher level in our industry standard studio environment. You will complete your main projects in  on the SSL Duality console, the industry standard. This Honours  Degree is the beginning of a fantastic career in this amazing industry.

Do you want to join a state-of -the-art course for Music makers, DJ producers, Sound Engineering or Sound for Games or Film and Creative Media?

Your journey to a fantastic career in this amazing industry starts with IMW.

At IMW you can train in Solid State Logic (SSL), ProTools, LogicPro FMOD-Unity and Ableton in an industry spec environment with studios designed and built by world famous acoustic designers for audio performance, production, engineering and mixing.

Music For Games
Pursue your passion for Music and Games- developing Game play impact and story-line support using sound and music. Explore designing and implementing your audio creativity within the Games environment using FMOD and Unity.

Music Production and Performance
Create Music you are passionate about in our industry standard studios with a full range of SSL consoles- from your own individual Nucleus DAW workstation up the large format Duality 48 channel using Logic Pro, Ableton and Protools exploring Ai applications and Dolby Atmos mixing.

Music for Film and Creative Media
Use your passion for music, sounds and media to explore the exciting world of composition, production and creative techniques used in music and sound design for film, tv, advertising and creative media.

You will get more bang for your buck with IMW excellent teaching and hi-spec technology and an internationally recognised Honours Degree at the end!

You will get into studio production, record and mix your music to a professional standard to become a Professional Creative Musician in the studio, Dj Producer, a Sound Engineer/Producer or work in Sound to Picture or Computer Games!

We will   train you up to work on your own productions, in hi-end  professional recording  studios, or enable you to set up your own music production studio. IMW can get you Further Faster .

We have 40 years experience teaching music makers the production, audio engineering and sound design skills to get qualified and get the job.

IMW is proud to announce a very exciting tie-in with Peter Gabriel’s SOLID STATE LOGIC Company. As part of our £2.5 million pound expansion of our training facilities we have upgraded the studios in our Central London Campus.

So, you will have an SSL Nucleus console on your own individual workstation controlling LogicPro, Native Instruments, Ableton or FMOD and Unity and work your way up through SSL Matrix and AWS consoles to the flagship Duality SE 48 channel console running your chosen DAW software.

We are absolutely convinced that the SSL formula of combining Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) control with high-end analogue recording and mixing is the way to go for your education and training in 21st century music production

Course Summary

Honours Degree Programme in Music Technology and Production,
Sound and Music for Games
or Sound and Music for Media.

Degree Programme

The course is offered as a 3  year full-time Honours Degree programme awarded by the University of East London. You will graduate from IMW after two years with a Diploma in Higher Education and then you  complete your Honours Degree at the University of East London. You can discuss your course options by emailing [email protected] or calling 0207 6080231.

Entrance Qualifications

Prior Experience and portfolio interview

A LEVEL: Including passes at A2 in at least 2 subjects. Must include a music-related subject.

BTEC: Extended Diploma or Diploma. Music Related.

INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE: Diploma with 25 points including a minimum of 15 points at Higher Level.

Your minimum age must be 18 years by Aug 31st before you start your course.

Fees and Start Date

£9250 per year, Student Loan Details CLICK HERE.  

UCAS Application Details CLICK HERE

Submit the Application form to register your interest and we will guide your through the Fees Loan,UCAS and UEL application process.

Start Date: Sept 23rd 2024.  Mon-Tues 3.30-10pm                                                         

Year 1 at IMW Campus
Your first period of study will develop your core technical skills in the use of key SLL technology: Nucleus, Matrix controllers and group work on the Duality controlling Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Native Instruments and FMOD-Unity. You will explore techniques in sound engineering and music production in a variety of contexts including music production, recording live musicians, video games sound production for film and tv.

Year 2 at IMW Campus
In this period of study you will extend your level of technical skills in sound engineering and music production, focusing in detail on the operation of the SLL Duality console throughout the studio production process: Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Year 3 at UEL
In addition to finalising your chosen career path, professional practice and placement the CORE TOPICS are: Listening Skills, Sound Recording Techniques Sound and Music Production Techniques, Individual Technical Proficiency:inc SSL Duality, Advanced Music Production and Creative Portfolio, Project Evaluation, Specialist Career Assignments